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Nice post, but only 2 Aims?

Here's an unrelated question, but one relevant to your experiences last year. How can you know what's really going on with a company? It seems that so much of whether a company succeeds or fails depends on its leadership. While one can know the name and basic information about a company's CEO, one has a very difficult time telling what their goals are and whether they are more than PR. And even if one can determine that the CEO intends to act to achieve the stated goals, one has no idea how well it is going until too much later to make a real difference. What is your strategy for dealing with that?

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Hi Russ, thanks for reading. These aims are obviously just focused on investing and do not include personal goals etc.

It's a good question but I have a simple way to evaluate management. If I come across a new company or CEO that I am not familiar with I go back and listen to conference calls from 2 or 3 years ago. I compare his predictions and comments at the time to what has actually transpired. A track record of consistently getting it wrong or overpromising and underdelivering is a red flag for me. There is no easy way but I find this something that is actionable

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